Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Is Here!!

Hiya Hiya Hiya everyone. Its been like so long ago ok I buat the proper entri.YEAHH!! I meant it..hahaha.Nway post pasal trip ke Europe pon blom start tulis.Nway post this is all about Spring Season which is now the month of April where there's normally ade Easter Break alaa yg cuti 3 week nearly dkt 1 bulan.. Wooouuuhhh..bestnye cuti........KALAU BYK DUIT.hahahahah.

Let start Easter break with something fun kan.Dr ddk sajo kt rumah or planning to work part-time(which is mmg harapan la nk dpt keje sini senah oit..ssh nk mati wa ckp lu.Mostly dieorg kasi priority lah pada local people rite) buat ape nk kasi keje kt org luar sedangkan org sendiri pon xder keje ait?Tp mmg i cuti-cuti ini spend ddk kt rumah sajo selain pg city centre tuk window shopping which is sumtime not really window shopping la kan (terbeli jugak x byk at least 1 or 2 bende..hahaha)

On the 9th April 2011 aritu my friend as so called my neighbour la name beliau Alyaa Nadiah n her housemate la berhajat tuk buat makan-makan.So laman as so called backyard kate omputih lerr..sgt la luas lg besar lg cantik  lg sejuk mate omak memandang yo..N there's the place where we had our picnic together gather.

Addoiii malas nk tulis byk2 soo u oulls enjoy la tgk pic ni ye. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Your Birthday

My dear love,
U r someone special to me.U fill every part of me.U never neglect me.Even sometime u did it.I knw u still love me.When we having a fight.I knw bcos of your love to me.Bcos u care for me.U will do anything for me.Yess i knw!!.Sometime im such an ego.Never apologize on my own mistake.Always pretend that what i did is right.Even i knw things that u said is true.It true!I just don't admit it.Even i knw bout it.It just the way i'am.When im mad u always b by side.U r the place where i can relay on.When im sad.U always there for me.Saying "Don't cry sayang.Myb its just not your rezeki?".I just dont know how on earth im going to live without u.I just cant think of anything else.Even when i said can.But the truth is, I CAN'T!!Thanks for accept me the way i'am B.I love u so much;D

On Your Birthday,
I give my apologies to u.To forget thing that i did wrong.To appreciate u more than anything.I will support u in whatever u doing.To b by your side.N i knw u know that i love u more than anything in this world.U understand me more than anyone else.On your birthday i couldn't give u anything else accept my heart n soul.I cant be by your side when u celebrate your birthday.But first and foremost i just want u to knw even we r far from each other.I just want u to know that, it wont separated our two heart together.I'll promise.I miss u badly ;)

Im wishing u a "Happy Birthday To U", B.U may enjoy your day.hehehe.just on your birthday only.Then get back to me after that.hehehe(Just kidding b, u knw me right?).U r my Tebby Bear.hehe.Love u b.

*Love is about understanding, its not about owning.
**I nk hantar u card.But i think if i hantar today pon i don't think it will reach msia on your birthday or the day before.So i made something special, instead of having a birthday card.I give u a special post in my blog.Haaa org lain xder pon k.U la yg special. :p
***Sorry B i'll make up to u when i get back home to msia k. ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

My very 1st 1st Eleven

Happy New Year Everyone!!Syukur syukur.. kite diberi peluang untuk manjalani hari-hari yg bakal menguji kesabaran kita semua.Harap kita tabah menghadapi setia ujian dariNya..amin

Nway guys!!It's all about new year la kan as we kan see it's a beginning of twothousand11 kan?On the nity of ending the twothousand10. Me and friend is having such a pathetic life by staying at home and thinking and thinking and thinking and kept thinking what activities that can been done to enhance our new year celebration. At the end we came out with nothing. Nothing but staying at home. Duduk menonong sambil layan movie kt channel Sky title "Big Momma House"..What a lame..What a so not productive life we had..hahaha..

Ok the next day 1st of January, dengan berkat kesabaran dan keazaman we manage to go out finally. hahahaha. *Puff* FINALLY.. finally..we figure it out that we wanna go for a dinner at Thai Orchid Restaurant near the Bullring. But we r not luckily enough, mayb becos it 1st January..So kecoh la shop kt sini New Year pon nk tutup ke??Just a few shops je bukak..Whattheheck??UK sumtime can b too boring jugak when it comes to certain things..*duussshhh*

Otw to look for our dinner. Me and my friends tried to explore n try something that we good at. Which is Photographic and Modeling..hahaha.. Crazy people do crazy things sometimes. Tp it's a waste if u did try to take photo or modeling yrself when u're in overseas. Cos they have a very unique, unexpected weather, and something nice environment too. That u will never get it anywhere else. So better don't waste it or else u will get regret later on. ;D 

Here is a bit of photographic and self modeling that we enjoy during our New Year Celebration enjoy yourself guys!!


This the pretend to be momma session.. As u guys can see our tummy is actually do contain baby..hahaha

This the ending part of our New Year Celebration..The closing part..walking down the Canalside..



Friday, December 31, 2010

Endless Love ~

Fall in love is not and easy thing for me. But love teach me to sincere, teach me to manage time, teach me to be mature. Fall in love is the most wonderful things in the world. After 5 years being a single person. I was thinking to open a little bit of space in my heart to being in love again.

Love is the subject things. You can always in love with everything around you.
~I'm in love~

Setiap pertemuan ade perpisahan ;(

Cepat je masa berlalu. Pejam celik pejam celik dh dekat 4 month i kt Birmingham. N pejam celik pejam celik dh 4 months jugak lah i knew kak nad. A person yg byk tolong i n nadiah time 1st time arrived kt Birm. N today 30/12/2010 at 10pm is going to be her last godbye to Birimingham.

N this is a bit of a last moment die kt Bimingham as so called at our house. 140 wellhead lane always remain as it is..InsyaAllah..A thousand thank you for every helps that u give to us..I always pray for your success n future.. Amin